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Uploaded on 18 May 2020


We all know how picky Italians can be when it comes to their food. Everything must be ""Perfetto"". This baked Chicken Breast recipe by our abyChef will make you feel confident to have any Italian over for dinner!

This recipe is perfect for a relaxing dinner night in a good company. Turn on some music, put on your apron and enjoy cooking this dish as much as tasting it after.


1) Chicken breast 400g
2) Potato 200g
3) French bean 100g
4) Tomatoes 2 pieces
5) Garlic 2 pieces
6) White wine 80ml
7) Butter 60g
8) Parmesan cheese 10g
9) Basil 1g or 2 leaves
10) Coriander 1g
11) Salt 1g
12) Black pepper 1g

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