Old Ginger Foot Bath Soak


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  • Old ginger is widely used by Chinese to remedy flu/cold. Tai Ji Old Ginger Foot Bath consists of ingredients such as old ginger, cinnamon, clove and Chinese mugwort. The foot bath provides warmth to the body, regulates blood circulation, expels coldness through perspiration, removes fatigue and is ideal for relaxation and helps alleviate cold/flu. 
  • Immerse 2-3 sachets of powder into 1-2 litre of boiling water in a foot tub and stir well for 2-3 minutes. Add moderate amount of warm water and regulate mixture to preferred temperature. Lastly soak both feet for 10-15 minutes into mixture for optimum results before wiping clean. Recommended remperature of mixture is 42°C to 45°C. Not suitable for pregnant ladies and infants. Caution use for sensitive skin. For external use only.


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Old Ginger Foot Bath Soak


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