Roasted Coffee Beans - Original Blend

Spinelli Coffee

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The first blend ever created at SPINELLI COFFEE. With its defining characteristics of an incredible richness and heavy body, experience its richness by ‘rolling’ the coffee on the back of your tongue, or swishing it around in the back of your mouth to feel the weight of the liquid.


Tasting Notes: Rich and well-balanced, enhanced by brightness and acidity. A hint of spiciness in the aroma.


Choice of Grind*

1. Whole Bean, French Press (coarse grind)

2. Espresso (fine grind), Drip (medium grind)

3. Aeropress (fine-medium grind)

4. Moka Pot (fine-medium grind)

5. Cold Bree (coarse grind)

*Let us know your choice of grind under Remarks


Original Blend - Central America, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia beans. 

100% Rainforest Alliance Certified.



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Roasted Coffee Beans - Original Blend

Spinelli Coffee

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