Farm to Table: Bringing you the best avocados we’ve ever had

In the current Covid-19 situation, many of us are stuck at home, distancing ourselves from even our closest family members. You may be wondering, what else can I do besides isolating myself? We have a suggestion for you right now - get yourself and your family plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to boost your immune system!

To help you get the freshest produce, we at Abyfarm are partnering up with distributors and agricultural producers from all over the world! And our very first featured item is avocados from Kenya.


There are so many reasons why we are cray over this fruit, here's our top 3 reasons:

  1. Packs a punch of good fats! Rich source of monounsaturated fat, reducing risk of heart disease and inflammation.
  2. More potassium than bananas! Excellent in regulating your blood pressure and fluids in the body. Grab an avocado for your next run!
  3. It's GUT to be good! Excellent source of soluble and insoluble fibre, promoting good gut health. And they say happy gut, happy life!



We love healthy produce here at AbyFarm, and so we found partners that have the best organic avocados! Certified by leading global agencies such as ECOCERT, Global G.A.P., and ISO, these farms in Kenya have optimal growing temperatures and are able to produce crops all year round that are rich in flavour and nutrients and are free from pesticides, chemicals, and synthetic fertilisers!


Not only do we love organic, we also want the avocados fresh and ripe. Not under, not over, we want them just nice and perfect in terms of ripeness when it gets to us! To achieve that, the avocados will be picked from the trees when they are just ripe. Next, they will go through another round of selection at processing sites before being sent to the airport. That’s right, we are flying the avocados from Kenya to Singapore!

Health Can Be Fun


Here at AbyFarm, we give you the opportunity to place direct orders for these fresh, organic, tree-ripened avocados from Kenya! Once they land in Singapore, we will deliver them straight to your door. No need to go to the supermarkets, no need to tediously pick the good avocados one by one, no need to carry heavy grocery bags home, we will do all that for you! Just come onboard our platform and submit your orders now!

Something extra for you:

Once you get your delicious avocados, try out our special recipes that are curated with love for Mother’s Day!

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Written by abyFarm

On 14 Jul 2020

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Lilian Koh

09 May 2020, 2.25am

Thanks for very informative info.